Cashflow & Debt Management.

Make the most out of your wealth.

A proper plan for cashflow and debt management can prevent financial problems in your future, bringing you peace of mind.

WealthStream’s financial advisors will provide you with a range of tools and skills that let you take control of your cashflow and your debt management.

Using our budget planner and/balance sheet tools, we can help you understand where you are spending your money, and where you could potentially find savings or improved cash flow.

Ask yourself about your cashflow or debts…

We can help your cashflow and debt management using a range of tools

Expense planning

Are certain months in your year more cash heavy than others? With proper planning you can stay prepared.

Investment planning

You can earn competitive rates of return on your spare cash, whilst maintaining access to your funds in case of emergency or one off needs.

Debt management

Structure your debts tax effectively and efficiently. This can improve your cashflow and increase the speed of debt repayment.

Investment review

We can review your existing products to see if they remain competitive and are the best solution for your needs.