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Wealth Protection (Insurances)

Protecting the lifestyle you have, is as important as building the wealth to support it. Quite simply if you have something you can not afford to lose then you should take steps to protect yourself against its loss. Unfortunately the majority of Australians have not taken adequate steps to protect themselves and their loved ones against premature death, disability or serious illness. You can help "soften the blow" of unplanned personal misfortune by making sure you, your family, your lifestyle and your assets are protected.

Ask yourself the question:

    • If your income stopped, could you repay the mortgage, go on that holiday or even pay the bills?
    • Would your family be adequately provided for in the event of your premature death?
    • What if your partner faced serious health issues? Could you focus on getting them better rather than worrying about the bills? 

WealthStream specialises in providing strategies and product solutions that are both tax and cashflow effective. We source products from leading providers tailored to your individual needs. Talk to WealthStream to get the Peace of Mind of knowing you have taken the necessary steps to protect yourself, your loved ones and your lifestyle.