Wealth Accumulation.

The right financial advice can take you far in building your wealth.

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No matter your wealth accumulation goal, we can develop a financial plan for you.

Good financial planning and advice creates the opportunity to build a better financial future. Taking the all important first steps and getting good advice is crucial. The secret is to know how to do it safely, sensibly and in a way that complements your lifestyle.

The good news is there are strategies available to sensibly build wealth regardless of your circumstances. Our financial advisors are able to tailor a program that suits your needs of today, with the flexibility to cater for the needs of tomorrow. WealthStream Financial Solutions assists clients in building wealth using tried and tested techniques, not fads or misconceptions.

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We can help create a financial plan with a range of tools

Budget creation

Creating a budget helps you not to spend more than you have. A budget will enable you to clearly understand your expenses and how much you are able to invest.

Debt management

We’ll show you how to structure your debts tax effectively and efficiently, which can improve your speed of debt repayment.

Investment strategies

We can review your current investment streams to determine whether they are the best possible solution for you, and introduce  you to new opportunities you may not have considered.

Gearing funds

Borrowing money to invest it can be a powerful method of boosting your investments when used at the right time.